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Corona Virus

Golf will continue and the golf course will remain available. However, there are changes to the way in which the game should be played, as follows: -

1.   The flag should not be removed from the hole at all

2.   That in all social golf, matches and non-handicap rounds all putts within 1 standard putter length of the hole be conceded, the ball picked up and 1 shot added to the score

3.   That golfers should only handle their own ball and their own equipment, and that there should be no sharing of equipment, trolleys or buggies (once they’re usable again)

4.   No ropes, signage, tee markers or course furniture to be handled, and if in the way a free drop be taken under the Obstruction rules

5.   All bunker rakes will be removed from the course, ball washers and waste bins decommissioned, and golfers should repair marks in the bunker with feet or clubs (like in the old days). However, being aware some may find this difficult the option of a preferred lie within 6 inches but still within the bunker is offered to golfers to use

6.   Golfers should take their rubbish home with them

7.   No handshakes or physical contact prior to or after a round of golf


All and every round of social golf must be undertaken on this basis going forward. Maintain the appropriate distances throughout your golf and observe all the other protocols over the issues of coughing and sneezing.

Course protocols during the Coronavirus pandemic
For the moment the playing of golf continues at Sidmouth Golf Club, but during the epidemic the following protocols MUST be followed Read more