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1.   Out of Bounds

a)   Over any line of white stakes forming the boundary of the course

b)   Over any hedge, fence or bank forming the boundary of the course

2. Penalty Areas

Defined by Red or Yellow stakes

3. Abnormal Ground Conditions

To include

a)   All artificial surfaced paths, steps and winter tees

b)   Staked trees

c)   Sprinkler heads

d)   Drains around any tee

e)   On the road (as defined) around the 9th green

f)    A ball coming to rest in a stone drain around any green may be lifted, cleaned and placed within 6 inches of the drain on the green, not nearer the hole without penalty (Lie of ball only – not stance)

g)   Any area marked with white lines or stakes

4. Practice Ground

In the absence of a practice ground Rule 5.2b is waived. A competitor may use the course prior to the competition, with the exception of the greens



Preferred Lies are in operation through the Green – the ball may be marked, lifted cleaned and replaced within 6 inches not nearer the hole at any point on the course except in a hazard or bunker.

Blue Posts – these identify important areas of natural habitat. There is a mandatory drop away from these areas, to the nearest point of full relief, not nearer the hole

Course protocols during the Coronavirus pandemic
For the moment the playing of golf continues at Sidmouth Golf Club, but during the epidemic the following protocols MUST be followed Read more