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Sidmouth Golf Academy 2020

The Sidmouth Golf Academy is off and running for the 2020 year. An 8-week programme, the Academy combines tuition at the Thorn Park Golf Centre with actual playing experience at Sidmouth Golf Club

All run by the Club's PGA Coach Ross Troake the candidates will learn the basics of the game, from the full swing to putting and short game play. They will have the opportunity to take those skills onto the golf course in Ross' company and with experienced mentors, members of the Club who will guide them and direct them as they take their first steps into this great game.

At the end of the programme a membership offer is made, first part of an 18-month progression to Full membership of the Club for those who wish to continue their journey.

For enquiries for the 2021 Academy, scheduled for April, and for anything to do with golf tuition speak to coach Ross Troake in the Pro Shop, Option 1 on the telephone auto-attendant menu