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Membership Categories

Full Membership
This membership is our most popular membership, with full unlimited access to the course, competitions and clubhouse. You can also take advantage of free/reciprocal golf at a number of courses in the area.
Community Membership
Same as a Full Member but limited to one round a week (Monday  Sunday) Any additional play to be subject to payment of an additional fee equal to one half of the full green fee. No Free/reciprocal Golf with this membership option.
Intermediate Membership
This membership is available to individuals between the ages of 18 - 29. Membership rights are the same as for a Full Membership.
Junior Membership
This is available to individuals under the age of 18. It allows full access to the club with minimal restrictions on tee times and no green fees to pay. Regular group lessons are available with the Head Pro most weeks. Juniors can play in club competitions subject to meeting eligibility rules.
Flexible Membership Option
It's the ideal membership if you enjoy belonging to a club but don't play enough golf to justify a full membership. Flexible members pay a low annual subscription plus a green fee each time they play - £16 Summer & £14 Winter for 18 holes. All the benefits of a golf membership with the flexibility your lifestyle needs. You can join in some of the competitions, maintain a handicap and make full use of the clubhouse. Please note you cannot win Club Trophies nor represent the Club's competitive teams.
Clubhouse Member
Free access to clubhouse with a 15% drinks discount. Opportunity to attend club social events